Helping Hooves Manitoba

We are a group of horse loving people who are steppin' up and making a difference in the lives of Manitobans.


Richer Rodeo August 11-13th, 2017

You can donate online via credit card, gift card, Paypal or Interac by going to:
(pls note that you are donating on behalf of Helping Hooves MB in the “In honour of” section of the dedication and mark your donation for Losing Dan’s Locks.  Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.00 but any amount is gratefully accepted.

See 2015 "Shearing of the Dan" video and info below...


About Helping Hooves

In 2016 we raised almost 6000.00 for Helping Hands for Manitobans with Breast Cancer.  We kicked the year off with a Trail Ride and BBQ near Ninette which was a great success.  Next we did the Annual Spruce Woods Ride in August which was very well attended and a great time was had by all.  The rest of our funds were raised by donations from Zacs birthday party, Horses in Motion Western Dressage, Ninette Meat Draw and various vendor booths including Richer Rough Stock Rodeo.  We took a bit of a break in 2016 knowing the slack would be taken up by the Prairie Dog Central Train Robbery donations which we were instrumental in garnering.

Planned events for 2017 are the Long Ride to Richer 4 day trail ride that runs May 3 to May 6.  The ride will end in Richer with a Sud, Spud and Steak night at Richer Inn.  In August we will do our Annual Spruce Woods Ride from August 18 to August 23 with the Pay Acres crew leading our daily outings on the many beautiful trails in Spruce Woods.  We will be camping for the week at the Equine Campgrounds.  It’s a beautiful facility to camp with your horse!  There are electrical and non electrical camping sites, water, bathrooms, showers and most important of all, big room pens for our horses.  
We will of course be attending Richer Rough Stock Rodeo in August where this year we are honored to be their Charity of Choice!  We are so very grateful for all the love the town of Richer shows us.

We will once again be doing our Remember Your Angel Campaign as well as numerous vendor sales whenever possible.  Our first sale of the year is a fundraiser in our honor at Richer Young at Hearts Club on May 13th.    In addition Dan Guetre has once again offered up his hair!  If we are able to raise $1000.00 we will be shaving his head at Richer Rodeo.  If we raise $1500.00 Mac Guetre will also go under the clippers!  Donations can be made online by clicking the Donate button.  Please mention that the donation is for Dans hair.  You could also mail a cheque made payable to Helping Hands 4MWBC to Pam Glover, Box 6 Grp 27 RR 2, Ste Anne, MB  R5H 1R2.  Donations of $20.00 or more will get a tax receipt.

We are hoping to spend a day in Marchand in September and possibly a poker derby if time allows.


Helping Hooves Rides at Spruce Woods - August 14th - 20th 2016!
Camping, Riding and Enjoying Life while helping fellow Manitobans save theirs. We spent  the week camping and riding the beautiful trails of Spruce woods. Riders were asked to collect pledges in support of our chosen charity Helping Hands for Manitobans with Breast Cancer. 100% of all funds raised by riders goes directly to our Charity of Choice. See our Facebook group ride pics!


The 2015 ride was a success!!  It took us from our Kickoff in Carberry, Manitoba on August 14 to our Trails End, once again in Richer Manitoba on Aug 29th.

For the fourth year in a row, we rode for Helping Hands for Manitobans with Breast Cancer. This group of dedicated and caring volunteers are committed to providing financial assistance to individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment and their families.

Want to get involved? You can ride for a day, a week, or join the whole ride! In 2011, forty-one riders stepped up and rode or drove the route to raise more than $35,000 for cancer patients.  If you’d like to ride with us please contact me, soon!

If you don’t ride, there are many other ways to get involved, such as attending one of the kick-off or wind-up events, or one of the many smaller events along the trail.

Other Events

Last year Dan Guetre, our major sponsor,  was coerced into putting his hair, beard and mustache on the line to raise funds for us.  It was finally decided that he would cut his hair if we raised $100.00.  His only demand besides the funds raised that his hair be donated for making wigs.  No brainer, agreed!  The we convinced him that if he was going that far we should up the ante.  We wanted his head shaved bald.  He agreed IF we raised $250.00.  Then we went for the big prize.  Facial hair.  There was much hemming and hawing but he finally conceded. This time we had to raise $500.00.  So the challenge was on.

It took no time at all to get our first donation.  Dan's mom, Sarah Marsh, quickly logged with a donation for  the entire $100.00 to cut the hair.  Within a couple of weeks we had the $250.00 to shave his head.  The rest trickled in over the month leading up to the rodeo.  Our deadline was 1:00pm August 8.  The money had to be raised by the Richer Roughstock Rodeo.   As we got nearer to the date Dan was getting a little cocky thinking we would never make our goal in time.  The morning of the 8th we were still $110.00 short.  As I was setting up my booth that morning a very nice gentleman sauntered over and slapped a $100.00 bill down on my table.  In the next few hours more donators dropped by and by the deadline we had raised $680.00!

True to his word, Dan arrived at the chosen spot in the Trading Post, albeit a little late and sat down to lose his hair, his beard and his long time “friend” the mustache.  With much grace and dignity (and much whining ) Dan turned himself over to the capable hands of Pam Glover, in charge of removing the hair, Marianne Curtis, in charge of facial hair removal and Myriam Dyck, overgrown eyebrow trimmer.

Thanks Dan for being such a good sport and making the whole experience much fun.  Thank you to our many supporters who helped us reach and exceed our goal.  A great time was had by all, including all the spectators who showed up to cheer us on.

Now, any challenger for next year?


Throughout the year we have been selling handmade jewelry online and at various events.  One such event was the Trina Campbell Horsemanship clinic in May, host by Gail and Neil Cornock (Murdock Stables) and Sabrina Kirdie with Trina Campbell.  Numerous talented riders donated portions of their sales for the weekend while our hosts donated all auditing fees.  We also ran a Silent Auction aided by the lovely ladies of Helpng Hands for Manitobans with Breast Cancer.

We will also have a sales and information booth set up once again at the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo on August 7th to 9th.  We are easy to find at the Trading Post, just look for PINK!

If you’d like to donate click on the Donation tab and hit the button.  You can mark your donation either for Losing Dan’s Locks or Pledge to a Rider.  Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.00 but any amount is gratefully accepted.

Past Event Highlights

Starting May 4, 2014 from Ninette Manitoba, Pam Glover and Sandy Schmidt hit the PINK TRAIL again, raising funds for Manitobas breast cancer patients who require financial assistance while undergoing treatment.

They rode from Ninette, Manitoba to Richer Manitoba.  161 miles in 16 days!  YeeeeHaw!

Helping Hooves Manitoba presenting a cheque for $6000 to Val Poole - President Helping Hands Manitoba, funds raised during our 2014 season. Most of the funds were raised during our 2014 Helping Hooves Pink Adventure Trail Ride which took place in May. Riders rode from Ninette, Manitoba to Richer, Manitoba. Additional funds were raised during Richer Rough Stock Rodeo, Richer Manitoba in August. A Huge Thank You to all of our riders, volunteers, sponsors and hosts along our Pink Trail and to everyone who bought our jewellery and silent auction tickets and donated at the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo.

Helping Hooves ManitobaIn 2012, Helping Hooves Manitoba hosted five fundraising events with individual trail rides, flea markets and fun days, and donated almost $6,000 to Helping Hands For Manitobans With Breast Cancer. This organization supports breast cancer patients with out-of-pocket expens

We're riding across Manitoba to raise awareness and secure donations for Helping Hands and the wonderful work they do in Manitoba.

You can help too! There are many wants to get involved, such as attending a trail ride, donating hamburgers and hot dogs to our BBQs or partnering with us as a sponsor.

Our hoof prints won’t fade from the lives we touch!